About Us

Interactive Headstones was founded in 2011. We are a company that is dedicated to providing our customers with a unique and genuine service by enhancing the monuments that have been set in place in honor of our loved ones. This enhancement comes in the form of a discrete QR code tag that is placed on the headstone. This QR code can be scanned from a smart phone or other mobile device which then takes the visitor to a memorial web page that is specifically tailored to the person to whom the monument belongs. The page can include anything that the person or family desires to share. This may include a favorite song, voice recordings, pictures, eulogy, a favorite poem or any combination of these and many other forms of self expression.

In addition the memorial web page can be linked to other relatives with Interactive Headstones memorials to form an online family tree. Imagine 200 years from now, your somewhat distant relatives will be able to read about your life and learn more about their great, great, great, great….

Our products provide a means to link the future with the past!

Weather Resistant QR Code Labels are placed on headstones.